Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Bucket List - 2015/2016 Goals

Goal - Improve Skills

- Learn to navigate properly with both a GPS unit and a compass

- Learn 3 ways to light fires without lighter
- Build a kit with 4 different types of fire starters

Knots and Shelter Building
- Learn 20 different types of knots
- Learn 5 different tarp setups
- Effectively use at least 1 snare
- Develop full 3 season Hammock setup
- Waterproof fabric and shoes in gear
- Find 30 geocaches

Update My Gear
- Develop Lightweight pre-packed kits

Raising Kids That Love the Outdoors
- Develop seamless preparation processes that allow the kids to enjoy trips
    Full Bucket List (Hikes, Camping, and Backpacking)

    Beaches / Shoreline
    - Doheny State Beach
    - Point Mugu
    - El Refugio
    - Palas Verdes

    - Death Valley National Park
    - Joshua Tree
    - Anza Borrego

    - Grand Canyon Backpacking
    - Arches National Park
    - Ring of Fire

    - Dawn Mine Trail -
    - Devil's Slide to Saddle Junction -
    - Echo Mountain Night Hike
    - Big Bear or Lake Tahoe - backpack or family trip
    - Southern California Peak Progression by 2015
    - Devil's Backbone - Santa Monica Mountains

    - Yosemite
    - Ansel Adams
    - Mount Whitney

    Unique Places
    - Santa Cruz Island

    Any suggestions for other hikes / trips?  Please - comment below or contact me!


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