Purpose of the Site

What does "Becoming a Mountain Man" mean?

It all began with the story of one man's bold decision.

Meet Joe.  Many people may look at this picture of Joe and say he is a handsome fellow.  I don't personally agree, but I am sure there are people out there that would say that.

Joe was one of the hardest working people I knew.  I went to school with him, with tough classes and great parties.  I enjoyed myself, though I worked a lot and had aggressive schedules.  Joe worked more then me.  He graduated with honors in a tough major and moved on to work for a great company.  After a few years making the big bucks in the real world, Joe made the decision to take time off and spend a few months on the Appalachian Trail.  He was quoted as saying it was the "craziest, stupidest, funnest thing I ever did."

After only a few weeks in this atmosphere, he began to transform.  Here is a picture of him after he transformed into a new species of man...
The Mountain Man:

He did as he pleased... living off the land, feeding off of rare, dangerous predators as seen in the picture to the left.  He was known to scale treacherous mountains barefoot and fought Sasquash in a territory dispute.

When in civilization and on the trail, women found themselves drawn to the thick, red beard and the critters that called it home.  Upon learning of this phenomenon, I too wanted to become a mountain man and began my journey.

When I told my three children about my plans to live off the land and off the grid, they told me it was "kind of weird" and asked "why can't you be serious for once?"  This of course, is my kids own code for their complete approval.  They might as well have been packing while we were talking.  My wife had a of silent excitement that only she can pull off, shaking her head and walking out in silence.

I know I must look rich and famous in my pictures, but alas, I am not.  During the budgeting requests to fund our adventure with "the boss", she reminded me of the guitar and guitar lesson DVD's from my last investment.  I reminded her that no plays a meaner Mary had a Little Lamb.  She in turn challenged me in a mocking voice, "Mountain Men live off the land, right?  That means you don't need money to buy anything."  Only I could tell that her 'mocking' voice was in fact a confirmation of her complete approval and a challenge to be creative and find/build the best valued gear for our new life.

And so begins my journey.  I'll start with my goals, transforming everyday skills from Excel Spreadsheets to the ability to hunt and feast on mountain lions and bears with my bare hands.  I will also expose my children to it and teach them to be little Mountainmen/women themselves.  As I do, I will share my leanings with you so you too can Become a Mountain Man.

To summarize, I'll share information on necessary skills and gear to stay safe on the trail along with any personal experiences.  Here are some specifics:
- Gear - Best value and DIY projects
- Camping Tips - Planning and executing
- Lightweight - How to shave pounds from your pack
- Skill Development - From knot tying and fire making to gourmet outdoor cooking and luxury items
- Preparing and Organizing Your Gear
- Personal Experiences and Learnings
- Developing a Personal Bucket List
- Raising Little Mountainmen/women - Camping, hiking, and backpacking with kids



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