Raising Little Mountain Men & Women

My son sat in the chair next to me.  There is always something about a crowd that can silence a circle of people surrounding it.  He waited patiently as I showed him how to use a roasted marshmallow to melt the chocolate onto the graham crackers.
"Want to tell a story with me?"
"I don't know any," he replied.
"Sure you do.  I'll start, then you finish."  I went on to tell the story, having the main character be a powerful knight that slayed dragons and defended castles.  When I told him the knight had the same name as him, he looked at me, his eyes filled with the innocent excitement of a child.  Moments like this is when you understand you work hard and sacrifice everything you do to give your children the best life you can.
  How do you raise your children to enjoy these moments.  Camping, Hiking, Fishing.... teach them to enjoy the outdoors and join you in your secret passion to become a Mountainman.

Below is a list of the articles you can use to raise your kids to love the outdoors.

- Sharing Outdoors With Your Children


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